I have been making up stories since I could talk, I was quite good at it and kept neighbours and family entertained with my elaborate tales of when I was big!

I’ve done a few writing courses, online, by correspondence and some short courses at the local library. I’ve joined writing groups and generally dabbled, shared and planned.

This year, on about the 27th of October, someone suggested that I should attempt NaNoWriMo 2011, so I chatted about it with my ever patient husband and with his agreement, for Nano is pretty all consuming, I signed up.

Day 27 found me hitting the 50,000 word mark and I was a little bit happy with myself.

My novel that I been working on in November, isn’t finished and I think it will take another week or two to finish the first draft, but this time I know I can finish a story. This one is not going to end up chucked into the pile of unfinished “great” ideas that I’ve stashed in the filing cabinet, in an archive box or on the shelf in the office. This one, “On the River Bank” an Australian historical novel, will one day be a real book! ‘

Hope you can join me for the ride, and we will put this writing dream to the test together.

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